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How can the Web help you?

Again, here you are asking the tough question. You know asking any question about the Web is dangerous in that you'll get a thousand points of view from everyone you talk to. So instead let us ask you some questions:

Do you need more business?
Would you like a way to keep in touch with your customers with a monthly "newsletter" that would remind them of your company, its products, services and specials, without paying thousands to print and mail it?
Would you like to be able to sell your products to a wider range than just your storefront, perhaps across the nation, or the world?
Would you like to provide a full-color brochure accessible on demand 24-hours-a-day to potential customers?
Would you like to portray a larger image of your business, not only for potential customers, but for potential suppliers and brokers who are deciding to let you represent them?
Would you like to be able to use convenient and inexpensive e-mail as a way to contact your customers and suppliers on-line?
Would you like to be prepared for the next century?

If you checked none of the above, we hope you enjoy your retirement in Florida. If you checked even one, the question in your mind should no longer be "Should I get into this 'net thing?" It should clearly be, "How soon can I get on the Web."

Believe it or not, these are just a handful of things that can be accomplished with the Web. In fact, the array is mind-boggling literally millions of possibilities, almost as many as there are people out there surfing the Web right now (currently estimated around 100 million people worldwide).

That's the point of getting on the Web, a world and national audience of millions. (If you say you don't need to reach the world, consider the hundreds of thousands who are using the 'net regularly in every metropolitan area, including 500,000 in the Pittsburgh area!) All of them are just waiting to find your Web information.

Call the major television networks or your local stations and ask how much it would cost to reach that size of an audience with just a 30-second commercial. Then ask them how much to have it running 24 hours a day. (We strongly recommend that you sit down before you hear the answer.) For small businesses, advertising nationally on a continual basis is simply out of reach. marketsolve can help put it into your hands.

With your presence on the Web you will have a 24-hour-a-day standing commercial available for people to check out your business. The Internet is clearly the most inexpensive way for you to communicate ideas and information. And we have effective packages that start at less than the cost of just a bold listing in the yellow pages.

See what marketsolve Products & Services are available to help you get the most from the Web.